Electronic Music Duo

Genre: Alternative Dance
Members: Jo Alexis (vocals), Deep Tissue(AKA Alexander Johnson) (synth/ loops)
Hometown: Portland, Oregon
Influences:  Bjork, Dead Can Dance, Zero 7, Massive Attack, Tricky, The Brazilian Girls, Thievery Corporation.

Jo Alexis’ new collaboration is with Alexander Johnson, who goes by the name of Deep Tissue. In addition to remix work on “Drop Down Remixed,” Johnson is an electronic music composer whose music often blends ambient and minimalistic soundscapes with classically-inspired string arrangements.

Their most recent single, “Galaxy” is irresistible. It’s Bjork meets Giorgio Moroder.

The music video, “Galaxy” is a mesmerizing journey through the cosmos–a virtual reality-like trip through space with some sort of banging rave on a far off planet with a death-star disco-ball and a really cool eclipse of a sun.

In 2018, GALEXI collaborated with Polaris Alumnae Dancers in an event called The Dynamic Galaxy. This Cirque de Soleil-style show featured the new music video, like the movie “Contact,” gave the audience a thrilling POV trip through space. The journey through the galaxy included aerial hoop dancing all set to healing electronic grooves of GALEXI’s new music.

(Mixed by Sean Flora & Mastered by John McCaig. Illustration & Design by Monet Hampson.)

Happy For No Reason

Listen now to our debut release! 

Watch the new Happy For No Reason music video- click now!

2009 – present

Genre: Jazzy Folk/Rock
Members: Jo Alexis (vocals/percussion), Neil Goldstein (guitar), Mark Pritchard (flute)
Recordings: Debut CD released 11/14
Hometown: Portland, Oregon
Influences: Bonnie Raitt, Eva Cassidy, Esperanza Spalding, Camille, Nancy King, Kurt Elling, Joni Mitchell, Milton Nascimento,

Happy For No Reason is a Portland-based trio that is a collaboration with singer/songwriter Jo Alexis, Neil Goldstein (fingerstyle guitar and vocals) and Australian flute player Mark Pritchard. The trio write and perform all original music in a variety of styles including bossa nova, jazz and folk.

Singer/songwriter Jo Alexis writes and performs original songs with impressively skilled musicianship and significant emotional content in a variety of genres including folk rock, acoustic, electronica, country, jazz, blues and rock. Jo’s astonishing voice exhibits a quality that has been compared to phenomenal vocalists including Sinead O’Connor. An accomplished musician with more than 150 songs and 6 CDs to her name, Jo has been steadily building fanbases in L.A., Portland and Philadelphia, among other cities.

Neil Goldstein is a music producer, musician and composer based in the Portland area. He has been a performing singer songwriter since 1968 with a a multitude of performances in southern California, Vancouver BC, Spain, Mexico and Portland. His focus has been on guitar, in a variety of styles, grounded in classical guitar and jazz. He also plays keyboards, bass and percussion. He has operated a home studio since 1975, producing independent artists as well as the recent Happy for No Reason CD. Recent
projects include scores for film, and ambient music for a best selling iPhone app, Pure
Meditation Premium.

Flautist, composer and arranger Mark Pritchard is an Australia native who has been actively playing flute and piccolo for over four decades. From an early age, Pritchard played flute/piccolo in the Sydney Youth Orchestra and performed with and directed ensembles at the Sydney Opera House. Since moving to the US, Pritchard has been a singer in the Portland Symphonic Choir and a flautist, singer and keyboardist with the blues band The Mighty Sparrows. In addition to his personal musical talents as a flautist, piccolo player, keyboardist, singer and recorder player, he is currently a music educator at the Catlin Gabel School in Portland.

Happy For No Reason recently recorded their debut album, working with mixing engineer Sean Flora, known for his work with The Shins. The album was co-produced by Alexis and Goldstein and will be released Internationally in late Spring 2015.

Facebook: Happy 4 No Reason



Songwriting and Performing Duo

Genre: Electronic/Folk/Rock
Members: Jo Alexis (vocals), Richard Alexander (guitar, bass, loops)
Hometown: Portland, Oregon/Los Angeles, CA
Influences: The Brazilian Girls, Thievery Corporation, Frou Frou, Zero 7, Lavender Diamond, Beth Orton, Bebel Gilberto, CéU, Cibelle

Sensual, ambient, eclectic and decidedly pop electronica, Alexis/Alexander’s music has been compared to Goldfrapp, Morcheeba and Esthero. The duo was born when Portland chanteuse Jo Alexis crossed paths with LA multi-instrumentalist Richard Alexander and his trance-inducing electronic music centered around hypnotic loops. The songwriting duo has since created seven albums together and released a remix EP of the title track to “Drop Down” called “DROP DOWN REMIXED” on November 14th, 2015 at Crush Bar in Portland. The sneak peak set was on October 1st at Blondie A Salon. The EP, mastered by Nick Moon (known for his work with Liv Warfield and Phutureprimitive), features three dance remixes by two Portland DJs.

Mixing engineer Dean Baskerville, known for his work with Everclear and Sheryl Crow said, “I listen to a lot of music every day. This was a standout record for me because of the great beats, captivating music, and dreamy vocals.”

Their music is categorized as “sensual, ambient, world beat, trip-hop electronica”. They mixed “Taste the Mystery” and “Same As Nothing” in Portland, OR at The Kung Fu Bakery (home studio of The Decemberists) and Dead Aunt Thelma’s Studio. Mixing Engineer: Dean Baskerville. Mastering Engineer: Bob Stark – the mastering “Master” for Everclear, Bill Frissell and various Grammy-award winning artists.


Jo Alexis Music

Songs for Licensing

As a professionally educated and trained musician, Jo Alexis has amassed a catalogue of over 150 songs from past and present projects. Compared by critics to Eva Cassidy and Joni Mitchell, Jo’s songwriting is influenced by many genres. Her music conveys the emotive intent of the story — stories people can relate to. Her writer’s voice is marvelously realized in her music. She has studied music extensively, learning many instruments in her youth and spending countless hours with touring school choirs. Jo has studied privately with singing, piano and songwriter teachers and takes an active approach in her lifelong journey of musical education. All of this intense passion for music shows up in Jo’s music, lyrics and recordings. Her songs are available for film and television licensing. Over the years, Jo has collaborated and recorded with: Paul O’Connor , Stevie Blacke, Peter Fox, Jef Lee, (guitarist for Eryka Badhu and Chaka Khan,) Brad Rabuchin (who played with Ray Charles, Bonnie Raitt and Stevie Wonder,) Evan Frankfort (producer for Liz Phair), Chico Huff, and Kenny Vaughan. Jo is currently recording and performing with her trio, “Happy For No Reason” featuring Neil Goldstein on guitar and Mark Pritchard on flute.

List of Jo Alexis CD’s (from most recent):
1. I Can Feel That(Twin Singles)
2. Drop Down Remixed
3. Drop Down
4. Happy For No Reason
5. Taste The Mystery
3. Same As Nothing
4. Animal Tea Party
5. I Sing For You
6. Sing Through Me
7. Connection
8. Shameful Joy
9. Time To Go
10. You Are Just Like Me
11. Sweet Baby Onion
12. Optimysticism

Annotated list of Jo Alexis CD’s:

1. I Can Feel That(Twin Singles) Deep Tissue & Jo Alexis

Reminiscent of Donna Summer’s heavenly disco tune “I Feel Love”, Deep Tissue & Jo Alexis release their new twin singles “I Can Feel That(Dance and Chill Groove)” 
The celestially ethereal vocals of Jo Alexis interweave seamlessly with the high-energy, club-ready Dance Mix & the blissful downtempo Chill Mix. 
Mixed by Sean Flora & Mastered by John McCaig 
Photo by Kara Pesznecker Reavis. Illustration & Design by Monet Hampson. Released August 14, 2016 Mixed by Sean Flora & Mastered by John McCaig 
Photo by Kara Pesznecker Reavis. Illustration & Design by Monet Hampson. Written by Alexander H. Johnson and Jo Alexis
 2. DROP DOWN REMIXED Alexis/Alexander, Remixes by David Kaufman and Deep Tissue
Track listing: 1. psychonaut shake-up 2. Warrior Remix 3. Angel Remix
Track listing: 1. Drop Down 2. Go Down To The River 3. This Is Real 4. Nourish the Kindness
4. Happy For No Reason
Release: Self-Titled
Label: Independent
Date of Release: April 10, 2015
Category: Folk, Bossa Nova, Jazz
Track Listing:
1. And So It Begins
2. My Old Friend
3. Don’t Turn Away
4. Don’t You Think You Want To?
5. Would You Care To Dance?
6. Flowers In Springtime
7. Legacy
8. The Dance Is Calling
9. How Did I Get Lucky
10. Open It Completely
11. Darling Girl

Happy For No Reason is a Portland-based trio fronted by Jo Alexis, who combines her enchanting vocals and tightly-honed songwriting craftsmanship (which she’s been perfecting in L.A., Nashville and
Portland) with the co-songwriting and finger-style guitar genius of Neil Goldstein and simply sublime flute playing of Aussie Mark Pritchard. Alexis adds an additional layer with percussion accents.

The trio create a unique feel-good sound reminiscent of the breezy Brazilian bossa nova of Bebel Gilberto mixed with the sensitive-yet-powerful folkrock stylings of Sinead O’Connor. The group emphasizes improvisation as a modality in performance and as a means of birthing new songs. They
are known for their “songs of mystical beauty”. Their debut album enchants and delights listeners at every turn with a spirituality and sensitivity rarely found in contemporary music. With much of their music written in the rainy winters of the local Oregon weather, there’s, nevertheless, a sunniness
beaming or slightly hidden throughout each track.

The album engages listeners immediately with the aptly titled, “And So It Begins”. The song starts with a few simple piano chords, then introduces subtle guitar strumming – all held together by a haunting melody. Following its romantic intro, the song takes a turn toward pathos – illustrated by a wistful Spanish guitar solo – before Alexis coos her last works, “It’s you I want to know. It’s you I want to know…” Album highlights include “Open It Completely”, a gorgeous tropical bossa nova track sung in French(with Portuguese stylings) and featuring heavenlyflute work throughout reminiscent of Gil Scott Heron’s finest chill 70s music and the bluesy “Don’t Turn Away”, which possesses the wisdom of an Aimee Mann or Linda Ronstadt song. Standout track “How Did I Get Lucky” is a radio friendly, upbeat jam that epitomizes the infectious positive energy that sums up the bands namesake and takes on a more mainstream-friendly pop/rock approach. “My Old Friend” mixes masterful fingerpicking and soft vocals that showcase the band’s sensitive and sentimentally sophisticated talent at producing moving, thought-provoking folk music. The album’s lead single, “Don’t You Think You Want To?” is a beautifully-produced track in the spirit of Brazilian chanteuse Astrud Gilberto that glides along the nearly visible ocean waves with Alexis’ uplifting vocals, Goldstein’s elegant guitar and Pritchard’s lilting flute.

The trio play regularly for their devoted Portland fans. However, their music has an elegance, grace
and sense of International wonder that’s already speaking to Worldwide audiences far and wide.

The album was co-produced by Alexis and Goldstein.
It was mixed and mastered by Sean Flora, known for his acclaimed work with The Shins.

RIYD: Norah Jones, Bebel/Astrud Gilberto, Bonnie Raitt, Eva Cassidy, Aimee Mann

5 & 6. “Taste The Mystery” and “Same As Nothing,”- The double-release “fraternal twins” EPs are categorized as sensual, down-tempo, trip-hop electronic were mastered by Bob Stark, engineer for Everclear and Bill Frissell. Mixed in Portland by Dean Baskerville at The Kung Fu Bakery (engineer for Sheryl Crow and Everclear) who said of the music, “I listen to a lot of music every day. This was a standout record for me because of the great beats, captivating music, and dreamy vocals!“

7. Animal Tea Party by Jo Alexis and Arlie Conner – CD of original children’s music. Recorded at Falcon Recording Studios in Portland. Jo & Arlie had some stellar guest appearances: youngsters Edith and Miriam Allen and Nina and Frances Conable sing on “What’s A Puppy to Do” and “I’m Gonna Be Me.” In 2009, Jo & Arlie toured and promoted this kids’ CD. They had the honor of singing, “Puff The Magic Dragon” with Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul and Mary.

8. “I Sing For You,” written by Jo Alexis and created to help patients and families cope with cancer, was the single chosen for the Bridges CD, released by Pacific Oncology.

9. Sing Through Me by Jo Alexis and Richard Alexander. Style: ethereal world-beat girl pop electronica in the vein of Goldfrapp, Azure Ray, or Dido. One review called it, “Melancholic, hypnotic, tuneful and original … well worth a listen!”

10. “Connection” received favorable radio airplay on over 140 college radio stations nationwide, hitting #16 on CMJ’s “Most Added” chart.

11. Shameful Joy by Jo Alexis and Richard Alexander. Genre: Electronic. Melodic, evolving, textured, girl-pop electronica to trip out or dance to, with a voice you’ll fall in love with. Bjork meets Portishead via the Chemical Brothers with a brief interlude in the land of mid 80’s girl group New Wave.

12. Time To Go by Jo Alexis and Richard Alexander. Jo and Richard’s second album explores country stylings and a song cycle of coming to that place in a relationship where it is clearly time to go.

13. You Are Just Like Me by Jo Alexis and Richard Alexander. Style: Folk-Pop-Rock song cycle of love, loss, longing and realization in the vein of Mazzy Star, Sarah Mclachlan, Hem and The Cowboy Junkies.

15. The Sweet Baby Onion CD garnered favorable reviews in Portland’s Willamette Week saying that “the focus is solidly upon the emotive and gently acrobatic voice of Jo Alexis. Her clear and expressive delivery have garnered comparisons to Joni Mitchell, Sarah McLachlan and even Alanis Morissette.” Recorded at Blue Dog Studios in Portland. Jo co-produced the record with Bruce Robertson. The band was made up of Dan Reid on drums, Sean Flora on bass and back up vocals, and John Wyatt on lead guitar. Guest performers: Tae Won Yu from the K Records sensation Kicking Giant; Adam Mishaga from the Colorado College New Music Ensemble, eloquently plays the cello on Mambo Mouth; and Mick Chegwidden slides some tasty notes on the first cut.

16. Optimysticism was the first CD Jo recorded in Portland, Oregon with the late Sid Brown at Fresh Tracks Studio. The CD is replete with folky new-age songs that Sid hoped would, “help you meditate while you agitate for positive change.” Jo was fortunate to collaborate with drummer, Jay Harris and bassist, Dave Kennard on this record. The songs are only available by request.