Of the many songs Jo Alexis has written, we are showcasing just a few for your enjoyment.


Jo Alexis has written and released many EDM songs. GALEXI, the supernova EDM duo released a chill out “I Can Feel That”.  And Alexis/Alexander’s “All Night and All Day” integrates Brazilian lounge beats with ethereal female vocals.



Here are a few country songs written by Jo Alexis and collaborators. “You Put the Bad In Good” by Jo Alexis and Wilfred Geck, recorded at Little Hollywood Studios in Nashville, TN. “Out of This World”  by Jo Alexis & Paul O’Connor was recorded at Little Hollywood Studios in Nashville, TN. 

You Put The Bad In Good

Out Of This World



Jo Alexis was raised in the the folk tradition and folk music is fundamental for her writing. She has written and released songs in the folk genre of which we are featuring two: “Found” written by Jo Alexis and Peter Fox, a spiritual gospel ballad & the song “Love Alone” by Jo Alexis. This love song will touch your heart and tantalize your senses. 


Love Alone

Rock/Blues     Sweet Baby Onion CD, Alternative Rock Album Cover

Rock/Blues by Jo Alexis & collaborators. “Won’t You Change Your Mind” written by Jo Alexis & Stevie Blacke. Uptempo blues in the style of Bonnie Raitt and contemporary country. “Mambo Mouth” written by Jo Alexis featuring Adam Mishaga on cello. Alternative rock with heavy emotional grit.

Won’t Change Your Mind

Mambo Mouth